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Roof Moss Removal & Biocide Treatment


Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Neglecting your roof could lead to damage to your home, resulting in loss of personal property from leaks and mould, leading to an expensive repair.


Roof cleaning is necessary if you would like to restore the condition of your tiles, bringing them back to life whilst adding to the kerb appeal of your home. Also, if you're fed up of your gutters getting constantly full and having to sweep up moss from your driveway each day, then a professional roof clean would be the solution.

What Do You Spray On The Roof & How Does It Work?

Your roof moss can be scraped manually before a biocidal roof wash is applied. We erect a mobile tower scaffold and scrape all moss and loose lichen (biomass) from the roof which is then collected and disposed of. Alternatively, we offer Roof Steam Cleaning which is done at low pressure, providing great instant results.


No one will walk on the roof itself, as this reduces any risk of damage or pressure to tiles. Biocide is applied to the roof tiles by brushing into the tiles.


What Results Can I Expect?

Once applied to the roof, biocide kills any remaining living organisms, including moss spores and lichen. Over a period of 3 to 6 months your roof tiles then return to somewhere near their original colour as the surface dirt is lifted from the tiles by the biocide combined with weathering. 

Within 2 days all algae usually disappear, significantly brightening the look of the tiles. Some variations of the lichen species (mainly white and yellow varieties) can take up to 52 weeks before completely fading away. Over time the lichen will dry out and will be washed away by rainfall.

A return visit to your property is arranged 3 months after application, to confirm biocide is performing as it should and to ensure guttering is still empty.

 We are City & Guilds Assured Professional Roof Cleaning Specialists who are also COSHH, Manual Handling and Biocide trained. We are also PASMA certified.


We adopt best practice principles and are covered by Public Liability Insurance up to £5,000,000.


What Accreditations & Insurance Do You Have?

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